St John the Baptist Glenorchy Parish
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St John the Baptist
62 Bowden St, Glenorchy

(PO Box 41 Glenorchy, 7010)

St Monica's - 67-69 Allunga Rd Chigwell
Parish Priest : Rev Fr Guy Riolo SDB
Parish Office: 03 6272 6363
Parish Office Open: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 9:00am - 2:00pm

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Parish News

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2023 0319th, 4th Sunday Lent Year A

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Blessing of Don Bosco Window 2021

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2023 05 28th, Pentecost Year A

Parish Newsletter

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2023 05 21st, Ascension of the Lord - A

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2023 05 14th, 6th Sunday Easter Year A

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Parish Newsletters

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A brief history of St John's, Glenorchy

The presence of the Catholic Church in Glenorchy goes back much further than the declaration of the Parish of St John the Baptist on 5th May, 1956.  Bishop Robert Willson arrived in Van Diemen's Land in 1844 as the first Catholic Bishop of the colony and soon began celebrating Masses at the Glenorchy Probation Station.

On 25th May 1858, just four years after Glenorchy was declared a Municipality, the foundation stone of a church to be dedicated to St John the Baptist, was blessed.  In March of the following year, the small sandstone, Pugin style church, designed by architect, Henry Hunter, and situated on the corner of the Main Road and what is now Grove Road, was blessed and opened by Bishop Willson. 


One hundred years later, when the congregation had outgrown the little sandstone church,  a small vertical board church dedicated to St Monica, was blessed and opened in Chigwell and in 1960, a new church-hall in Regina Street became the main centre of worship. The congregations of these two churches have built up the parish which has been administered by the Salesians of Don Bosco since the year 2000. 


The presence of the Salesians of Don Bosco at Boys’ Town, in Glenorchy, preceded the formation of the parish by ten years. Boys’ Town became Savio College in 1956.  The Dominican Sisters founded Holy Name College for girls and St John’s Primary School in 1960.  In 1973, these three foundation schools merged to become Dominic College, which today provides co-education from K-10 for over 900 students.   The Glenorchy Campus of Guilford Young College for years 11 and 12 students, situated adjacent to St John’s Church has resulted from further development within the Catholic Education System.

 The two local Catholic Colleges have a close association with the parish which is a vibrant, hospitable and multicultural community.  Enquiries regarding the parish can be made to the parish office and will be welcomed.

Upcoming Events



"Loving God, we pray for the people of Ukraine, for all those who are suffering or afraid, that you will be close to them and protect them. We pray for world leaders, for compassion, strength and wisdom to guide their choices. We pray for the world that in this moment of crisis, we may reach out in solidarity to our brothers and sisters in need. May we walk in your ways so that peace and justice become a reality for the people of Ukraine and for the world."

Members of the community of the parish of St John the Baptist are urged  to pray the Rosary daily for a peaceful end to the war in Ukraine.

COVID - 19 

Government restrictions were lifted July 1st.  However, here at St John's Parish, knowing the virus is still present in the community, we remain cautious...

Face Masks are no longer compulsory to be worn, but you may choose to wear them inside the church. 

- Before disposing of your mask in the general rubbish (not recycling) please cut or pull off the ear loops to avoid a potential strangulation hazard for sea life, if it finds its way into the river or ocean, which we know rubbish frequently does. 

Hand sanitiser is available.  Please use it before taking your seat, after handling your mask, if you wear one, and when you leave the church

Please stay home if you have any signs of a respiratory illness, even a mild one, till you have received a negative swab result or have recovered.

Maintaining 1.5 m distance from each other remains good advice (families and couples are exempt from this requirement).

COVID Modifications within the Mass: 

Holy Communion will be distributed on the hand, not the tongue, offering the Body of Christ only - no precious Blood will be offered at present.  

Further relaxation of COVID restrictions:

Holy water stoops are available again to bless ourselves when entering and leaving the church. 

We must ensure adequate ventilation

Hymn books will be in use once again from Ash Wednesday 

Morning Tea/Supper

All are welcome to stay for a chat and a cup after Sat 6pm & Sunday 10am Masses. 

More servers are needed.  

Please contact Sheila at the Presbytery if you can help: 6272 7373




St John's - 9am

- 6pm (Vigil for Sunday)


St Monica's - 8:30am

St John's - 10:00am


Monday - 9.00 am

Tuesday - 9.00 am

Wednesday - 9.00 am

Thursday - 12.00 pm

Friday - 9.00 am



Dr Drasko Dizdar will explore the meaning of the Easter season from Jesus’ passion, death and resurrection to the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the apostles at Pentecost. 

When? 11.00am on 20th May 

Where? St John the Baptist, Glenorchy 

You are invited to join us. Make a note in your diary!  Inquiries: Ph. Parish office 6272 6363




The collection basket is once again being passed around during Mass, for a first and second collection.  


Continuing financial support to the parish is greatly appreciated, and allows it to continue to function.  A simple and easy way to do this is to arrange direct debit or periodical payment via electronic funds transfer from your bank account to that of the Parish.  Some parishioners are already doing this.  

Parish Account Name:         St John's Glenorchy

BSB Number:                         06 7000

Account Number:                 10 315 732



In keeping with the COVID Safety principle of non-touch whenever possible, there is a Quest Tap and Go electronic banking "port" in the foyer at St Johns to allow contactless electronic donations to the parish.  At  a time when cash is being used less and less, this allows parishioners to make $10:00 donations at the touch of a credit card.  Donations of larger amounts, in multiples of 10, can be simply made by tapping multiple times.

50/50 Club:

50 people are invited to enter a raffle, each paying $50 for a chance to win $150, $100 or $50 in prizes once all tickets are bought.  Proceeds are to fund emergency expenditure in the Parish when needed.  Simply place $50 into an envelope with your name on it and place in collection basket, or contact the Parish Office: 62726363

Concerned Catholics Tasmania

"We are a group committed to renewal and reform in our church

We seek to collaborate with our Archbishop, our priests and the faithful in working towards a more inclusive, welcoming and collaborative church empowered by the spirit of synodality that Pope Francis and the Plenary Council 2020/2021 are promoting.

We are committed to finding a voice for the laity and sharing our commitment to our Baptismal call and to our Church in this time and in our state of Tasmania."

If you are interested in knowing more about Concerned Catholics Tasmania, see the website:


View the file under Parish News for details


A committee has been established, endorsed by Fr Guy and the Parish Pastoral Council, which aims to find ways that we, as a parish community, can apply the principles of Laudato Si (the 2015 Papal Encyclical on Caring for our Common Home and Concern for the Poor).  This is in the context of Pope Francis launching a 7-year Laudato Si action plan this year.  We are now part of a Diocesan-wide, in fact, Global movement.

 Our membership is very small currently, and we want new people to join us!  If you have any interest, questions, comments, please contact Anne Loring, the facilitator, on 0439 089 312 or

Further information will follow as action plans are created.  

For interest, you may wish to visit the following sites for further background information: - Common Care for Our Common Home - Laudato Si' Goals




St John's Glenorchy
62 Bowden Street
St Monica's Church
67-69 Allunga Road
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